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REW Accessories - REALLY EASY WEAR scarves and collars. Rachel was trained in millinery and fashion. The concept of her range was designed 10 years ago when her daughter was just 3 years old. She needed a scarf to keep her warm but wasn᾿t happy tying a scarf around her neck so Rachel designed the button round collar with safety in mind. She then began making grown up versions, with the ease of wear in mind for all ages. A variety of fabrics and textures are used so each piece is unique. When repeats are made variations will occur. She creates all the items herself and enjoys making bespoke pieces.

REW Clothing brings into existence quirky and directional items of clothing that are really easy to wear. Established by Rachel Emma Wright, using her craft honed from experiences whilst studying millinery in London. Rew has a strong identity and a passion for versatility enabling the wearer to dress with sense of self and self expressions. Disregarding obvious trends the focus of Rew is to produce garments that may be worn and treasured over time. Using a variety of textured and weighted fabrics in the most innovative format creates REW: Really Easy Wear by Rachel Emma Wright.

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