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Christos Vroullis and Ntina Doryforou started in 1991, in Greece, establishing their own workshop and creating their first handmade items of mouth-blown glass.

After 13 years of experience with glass, working with it freely without moulds, they began making handmade glass beads. Their success in this area encouraged them to create new items and experiment with new materials such as copper, brass and sterling silver.

In 2005, they inaugurated their own shop in the centre of Thessaloniki, Greece. Recently, in 2015, they moved to Edinburgh, where they continue their inspiring creations. Now, they create handmade lights, mirrors, clocks, bowls, hangers, artistic jewellery and anything else that inspires them! They draw inspiration from nature and from ancient history.

They have participated in many trade fairs in Greece, Germany and UK.

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